What is IBU in Beer and its Effects?

What is IBU Beer?
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Beer! A Drink to have:

Beer and what is IBU in beer? is the main concerns that we are going to address, as we know is a favorite drink of many and is popular since the medieval times. When wars were being fought and won then the victors celebrate it with the beer in their hand also the losers mourn their defeat with the beers in their hands. So, in short, it will not be a bad thing to say that beer is a tradition that people enjoy not only on their victories or triumphs but also on their losses and failures. It is a drink that calms the pains of everyone and also energizes and uplifts the victories as well. It is a dual-Purpose drink and its consumption is increasing day by day. Many are getting addicted to it although we condemn this thing because excess of everything is bad. Although if beer is utilized in a right quantity then:

  • It is considered to be more nutritious than alcoholic drinks.
  • Helps in protecting the heart.
  • Lower the risk of kidney stones formation.
  • Lower cholesterol levels.
  • Provide strength to the bones etc.

What id IBU Beer?

IBU in Beer and its presence in the Market:

People can ask What is IBU in beer means? now IBU means International Bittering Unit, this is like a scale developed for testing the quality of the beer bitterness. As we know the more bitter the beer the more it is preferred because it gives more booze to the one consuming it. It is a measurement of the parts per million of isohumulone found in the beer. Isohumulone gives beer its bitter taste. The more they are in quantity the more bitter the beer is but nowadays flavors are added like a malt flavor etc. which reduces the bitterness in a beer. In short, it is not wrong to say that a beer with 20 IBUs with a mild malt flavor will have a more bitter taste as compared to the 60 IBUs beer with a strong malt flavor. So, we can say that the IBU scale is not a reliable method for identifying the quality and bitterness in a beer.

IBU in bigger breweries is most of the time ignored because usually it is the count for the quantity of the juicy fruits i.e. grapes etc. added. The breweries which make beer can never produce the same beer every time because the rates at which flavor and bittering elements of hops dissolve into beer is never the same. This is a point on which the major breweries fight about and pay a lot to maintain their quality intact.

IBU is rather a marketing tool than a beer measuring unit. It is a tool that is mostly used to mislead the people who drink beers etc. So, is there a better tool out there? Head brewer Kevin McNerney says that beer drinkers can tell the quality of the beer just by his/her senses. 

What is IPA beer and How it has been introduced into Indo-Pak?

IPA means Indian Pale Ale; it is usually a light-colored beer having higher alcohol as well as hop content than the usual beers in the market. It was developed in England in the 1840s and later on, it became popular in the whole world. It came into being as a solution because as we know that England use to rule the Indo-Pak long before in the 1800s and their reign last till the beginning of the 19th century. So, as India was too hot of a place it was very difficult to brew there so they needed a beer that could survive the hot environment of India for at least 6 months if they were to bring it from Britain. So, they focused on the IPA which can survive for a time period of that long without getting all foul and unpleasant.

Best Low Carb Beer (Beneficial for All):

The secret to best low carb beer lies in the yeast which eats up all the sugars and produced its beery taste which you like drinking. Some of the best low carb beers are:

  • Corona
  • Miller Lite.
  • Budweiser Select.
  • Busch Light.
  • Heineken Premium Light etc.

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